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New 2013 YOR Mini Box Now Available!

2013 YOR Mini Box
Some of you got the opportunity to be the first to get your hands on the official 2013 YOR Mini Box at this year’s Annual Conference in California!

Well, they are now available in the YOR Health store for everyone else and anyone who would like another, and possibly 1 more ;). Don’t be shy, go for it!

The YOR Mini Box is only $15 and contains:
  • 2 stick packs of YOR Berry Blast
  • 1 stick pack of YOR SuperGreens
  • 1 packet of the YOR Shake chocolate
  • 1 packet the YOR Shake vanilla
  • AND includes limited edition “Be A Champion” wrist bands in 3 sizes!
2013 YOR Mini Box Contents
WAIT! That’s not all. Each Mini Box comes with 5 product volume (PV)!

What are you waiting for? Go get yours!

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Once you have your Mini Box, get creative! Share your pictures with your Mini Box for a chance to be featured on our Social Media Fan pages as well as potentially landing a spot in the 2014 YOR Success Magazine!

Upload your photos at !

Have fun!

*Currently unavailable in Mexico, Philippines, and Australia.