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Choose your 2013 Annual Conference Boxed Lunches

Last year the boxed lunches were a hit! With just an hour break for lunch and thousands of people, it’s hard to find a restaurant, get your food and still have time to eat. Therefore, we thought to once again provide you with a couple options to choose from for both lunches on Saturday and Sunday.

Lunch Options:
  1. Turkey Sandwich: Arugula, oven dried tomato, Swiss cheese, pesto aioli, Rustic baguette
  2. Italian Sandwich: Pistachio mortadella, salami, roasted bell pepper aioli, red onion, arugula,pepperoncini, ciabatta
  3. Roasted Portobello Mushroom Sandwich: Basil, oven dried tomato, mozzarella cheese, pesto aioli, ciabatta
  4. Poached pear and endive salad: Crispy bacon, blue cheese, arugula, pomegranate balsamic reduction
  5. Caesar Salad:Grilled chicken, crisp romaine, Parmesan cheese, croutons, Caesar dressing
  • Sea salt kettle chips
  • Whole fruit - apple, banana or orange
  • Each meal comes with a soft drink or water
For just $14 you get to enjoy a great lunch without having to rush. To choose your meals just log into your admin through your events section or click below.

Choose my meals

Deadline to purchase your meals is no later than August 29th 2013!

NOTE: Boxed lunches are pre-ordered only. They will not be available for purchase at the event.

See you in California!