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Get your FREE 8-Week Challenge T-shirt!

FREE Challenge Shirts
How it works is you complete Cycle 2 and your Overachiever shirt is FREE, you complete cycle 3 and your Health Nut shirt is FREE. Every cycle afterward is FREE, so long as you meet these 3 requirements:
  1. Complete your 2nd cycle or more to get 1 FREE shirt for every new completed cycle
  2. You must be on Autoship
  3. You must enter your shirt size in your Admin Profile
    • Log into Admin
    • Go to “Manage Account”
    • Click “Edit” in the “Profile” section
    • Select your T-shirt Size
Your free t-shirt will then be shipped out with your next autoship.

Show off your achieved results in style! Share photos with everybody and be sure to use the hashtags #yorhealth & #yorbestbody on Instagram or post photos directly on our Facebook page so we can share your achievements. =)

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