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8-Week Challenge Shirt Banner
Tremendous congratulations are in order to everyone who has completed their SECOND CYCLE of the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge. You set a goal, you committed to get fit and look at how far you’ve come already!

We are excited to name you as an “Overachiever!” Be the first one to sport an “Overachiever” shirt at your next home party, mega party and at this year’s Annual Conference and Getaway in sunny California. =)
Overachiever shirts are available for purchase for only $8.00 so order yours today!!! This is your opportunity to showcase to everyone how incredibly simple and easy it is to succeed. Get your “Overachiever” shirt, put it on and share your story with everyone because you deserve it and not only that, your friends and family deserve to know and be part of the excitement right along with you!

8-Week Challenge Shirts
You may be happy as an overachiever, but not satisfied… so don't worry, its simple. Set a new goal, complete your THIRD CYCLE to unlock the “Health Nut” shirt and give yourself the best chance to compete for $50,000 of Grand Prizes in the YOR Best Body Championship!

Activate my next Challenge!

Keep up the great work and continue to share happiness. =)