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Ben Handsaker Joins YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board

Ben Abstacker Handsaker Banner
Arguably known to have some of the “world’s best abs”, we are proud to present to you the newest member of the YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board, Ben “the Abstacker” Handsaker!

Ben woke up one day and decided he was done being the “average chubby guy” and decided to change his life. Over the past 5 years Ben has been named the Top 10 in The Search for Australia's Fittest Man, competed in Musclemania World Championships and Fitness America and featured on two magazine covers along with many other appearances.

Ben’s goal in the fitness industry is to inspire the masses with his story, which is why when he was introduced to YOR Health he quickly saw how aligned the company is with his own personal goals. With Ben’s knowledge on fitness and health, he was able to see how our YOR Nutrition Delivery System® product line can help him in his career. “You absorb everything you eat which is crucial for me eating clean and when preparing for fitness competitions and photo shoots.”

We are so happy and excited to have Ben as part of our YOR Health family and we know this is only the beginning of a wonderful journey of great achievements coming from the one and only “Abstacker”.

Ben Abstacker Handsaker Banner

Ben’s Recent Victory!
Congratulations to Ben “the Abstacker” Handsaker on his recent win at the ANB Asia Pacific! Handsaker truly showed us what hard work and dedication can do for you.

“I worked hard for 3 years to get to this.” And Ben you did it! We are inspired by your achievements and extremely excited to welcome you to the Athletic Advisory Board!

Ben’s dedication to perfecting his craft and his genuine generosity towards helping others achieve there goals is a major reason why we are happy to announce the “Abstacker” as our newest YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board member!

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