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YOR Health Celebrates 5 Unforgettable Years

YOR Health 5 Years
Wow! How exciting to see all our plans and dreams come to fruition in five years time. Today is our 5th year anniversary and every year we have advanced in so many ways.

From the very beginning, we set off to challenge ourselves to provide everyone with a better and healthier lifestyle. In the past five years we have designed and created some remarkable products. We worked very hard to complete our synergistic YOR Health product line which has impacted so many people globally in a positive profound way, that even now it seems unbelievable and it is so exciting!

Having helped over 100,000 enthusiastic customers, we found one exciting common factor that we did not expect! We discovered that health transformation rapidly happens after using the YOR Health product line for just 8 weeks! Therefore, on January 1st we were very excited to launch the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge, the fastest growing health and body transformation in the world today!

We have seen many people achieve great results these last five years through the YOR Health product line but since we launched our 8-Week Challenge, many more people were able to experience a positive health transformation.

Since January we have had 4052 participants in the challenge! We have received so much positive feedback and found that every 44 minutes somewhere in the world there is a new challenger joining the 8-Week Challenge. And it’s growing rapidly! With this new challenge, it has inspired us in so many ways and with so many new ideas regarding how we can better share this with the world.

We should be very proud of ourselves for being able to achieve this in such a short period of time and we are sure that every year from this point on, it’s only going to get more exciting, more fun and filled with even more happy people. We are excited and happy to grow young together, stay tuned because it’s only going to get better from here.