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Danny Jacobs TKO

Danny Jacobs Banner
“I have a job and my job is to go in there and get the victory by any means necessary” – Danny Jacobs
And Danny did just that with a TKO on Saturday April 27th at the Barclays Center. Congratulations! Danny Jacobs is no stranger to winning, with a 25-1 record we are so proud to have him as not only a part of our Athletic Board but as our long time friend.

Danny has been part of YOR Health for some time now and we have seen him go through some of his highest moments in his Boxing career as well as some tough challenges. At 26 years old, Danny is a survivor and a fighter. “I’m not just fighting for myself, I’m fighting for people with cancer, and to show that boxers, we’re dogs in the ring, but gentleman outside the ring”.

Danny is truly a one of a kind gentleman and a true inspiration to us all. He has fought hard to get himself back in the ring and continues to inspire the masses with his positive attitude and kind heart. Danny Jacobs has recently put together his foundation “Get In The Ring” knocking out childhood cancer, obesity and bullying.

Keep inspiring us Danny! We love you. Your family and friends here at YOR Health continue to cheer you on in and out of the ring.