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Be featured in YOR Success Magazine - Issue 5

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With the company growing and entering into a new wave of business we have been able to see many leaders and rising stars step up. So much so that we had to raise the bar to qualify to be featured in this year’s magazine! A phenomenal sign as to where we are headed together =D!

We are proud of the work that you all have been doing and we are honored to acknowledge you by being featured in the monumental 5th issue of YOR Success Magazine.

All Paid As Rank (PAR) Diamonds and above will be rewarded with an article in YOR Success – Issue 5 to showcase who you are and how you got there!

To be featured in the next YOR Success magazine, MAINTAIN one of the following ranks at least once between Weeks 29 – 2012 (July 16 – July 22, 2012) to Week 29 – 2013 (July 13, 2013 to July 19, 2013) to be rewarded the following:

Paid As Rank Reward
Copper - Ruby Name Listing
Emerald Photo Listing
Diamond ¼ page article
Double Diamond ½ page article
Triple Diamond ½ page article
Blue Diamond 1 page article
Royal Blue Diamond 2 page article
White Diamond 2 page article
Royal White Diamond 2 page article

Good luck to all and we are looking forward to reading your story in YOR Success - Issue 5!

*Current Diamonds and above must maintain your current Achieved Rank at least once during the qualification period.

New PAR Diamonds and above will be automatically featured.

Must submit new photos and story by deadline to be included.