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YOR Health World Tour- Italy Qualifiers Posted

Italy Qualifiers
First it was France.
“To walk up to the Eiffel tower with these people and to celebrate this together, it was a celebration of years of work and progress.”- Robbie Hendricks

Then came China.
“The China trip was an event I waited for almost a year with a lot of excitement and huge expectations that were surpassed by far. Not only for the thrill of walking the Great Wall of China or seeing other amazing landmarks with friends and family, but by the experience of sharing all these memorable moments with the Blue Diamonds and above.”- Raul Zuniga

With each trip came more excitement, more unity, more inspiration and more eyes to see the wonderful world laid out for us to explore!

And NOW? Yes as I am sure you’ve all heard it’s almost time to pack your bags and say “Ciao Italia!” (Hello Italy!). Lets congratulate the qualifiers that have worked hard to get themselves on the third annual Go Blue YOR Health World Tour!

See who's already qualfied for the trip!

But wait! It’s not too late for YOU to get a chance to be a part of the history, culture and beauty of Italia. Check out the qualifications and deadlines and “Buona Fortuna” (Good Luck!).

Find out how you can join us in Italy