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Community Voting Starts Friday March 15


Get ready to cast your votes for your favorite Challenge Group #1 participants! Starting Friday March 15th, 2013 our entire YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge community will be able to participate in the online community voting. Remember, Community Voting counts for 20% of the overall scoring!

You are allowed 3 votes per category and you can edit your votes at any time until the countdown timer has ended.

Participating is Easy!

Step 1: Enter the YOR Best Body Voting Area:

            - Click the Voting Button at the TOP of


            - OR Click the Voting Banner in the Community Section:



Step 2: Select a Category you wish to vote for:



Step 3: Browse Challenger’s Profiles and CAST YOUR VOTES!

The profiles are listed randomly for each user to avoid giving any profile an advantage. You can use the search box to quickly find participants you would like to vote for.

            To CAST a vote, click the “Vote for Me” button on the Challenger’s profile.


            To REMOVE a vote click the “Remove Vote” button on the Challenger’s profile.



            Once voting for all 4 Categories is COMPLETE a banner will pop up!



You may edit your votes at any time, until the countdown timer reaches zero for that voting period.

Congratulations to all Challenge Group #1 participants who successfully completed their first Challenge Cycle! Don’t forget to take your transformation further and enroll in your 2nd Challenge Cycle for more chances to win and to unlock the Official YOR Best Body “OVER ACHIEVER” T-Shirt!

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a Challenge Group #1 participant and you want the Community to vote for YOU, please make sure that your Before & After Photos are set to PUBLIC!