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YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge

“That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.”
- Abraham Lincoln
Who doesn’t want to lose a few pounds or gain a little muscle? We’ve made it easier for you to tackle your goals, no matter what they are, by breaking them up into manageable and attainable 8-week Challenges.

Find the body of your dreams, 8-Weeks at a time. All you need to do is Register for the Challenge by completing a profile, take the products, and update your profile in 8 weeks.

With more ways to win prizes and more prizes being awarded, there’s no better reason to take the 8-Week Challenge. In fact, you may re-enter the 8-week challenge once your current 8-week Challenge is over for even more chances to win.

For those CURRENTLY REGISTERED for the YOR Best Body Challenge, don’t worry, you’re information has been safely stored in our system and can be used as your official “BEFORE” photos when submitting your entry for the YOR Best Body Annual Grand Prize Championship.*

On Jan 1st the YOR Best Body Challenge website will be updated to the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge and everyone will be able to sign up at:

*All currently eligible profiles (with all 4 approved BEFORE photos prior to the 8-Week Challenge launch on Jan 1st, 2013).
We’ve expanded the YOR Best Body Challenge to include two separate categories for both Men and Women.

Slim: The Slim category is for those of you that are looking to shed some pounds and trim your waistlines.

Sculpt: The “Sculpt” category is for those of you that are looking to tone up and build muscle mass.
In addition to having more opportunities to win a prize with the new categories, we’ve upped the stakes a bit by increasing the prize value for each place, which will be awarded for the Overall Challenge winners at the 2013 Annual Conference.

If that’s not enough, beginning in March 2013 we’ll also be awarding prizes every month to the Men’s and Women’s winners in each category.
All of you will now be a part of the scoring process. We’ll be tabulating your votes for your current favorite Challenger.

Scoring for the prizes will be tabulated as follows:

20% Community Vote
30% Written Testimonial
50% Before & After Photos
All rules, prizes, regulations, and any supporting
documents are subject to change without prior notice