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Mexico 1 Millon Promo
This is a Special Promotion for Mexico YOR Health IRs Only!
YOR Health is very thankful that the Mexican IRs have done such a wonderful job this past year. We know your Evento Anual is coming up, and to show our thanks, we want to do something special to help make your event a smashing success.

We all know that because YOR Nutrition Delivery System® is so powerful and effective, once anyone has tried YOR Health products, they will want more, and they will want to know more about our amazing company. So we want to make it easier to get YOR Nutrition Delivery System® in the hands of people who haven't been able to try our products yet. And the best way to do this is our flagship product, YOR DIGEST ULTRA with YOR Nutrition Delivery System®.

Therefore, YOR Health is investing $1 MILLION to promote YOR Nutrition Delivery System® awareness in the Mexico market by allowing Mexican customers to enjoy YOR DIGEST ULTRA with YOR Nutrition Delivery System®, at a price that's never been heard of, and will never be done again!

From now until November 2, 2012 (just before the Evento Anual in Léon, GTO), Mexico IRs will be able to purchase YOR DIGEST ULTRA with YOR Nutrition Delivery System®, at the amazing price of 10 bottles for only $100. That's a discount of almost 80% off the retail price!

This is your chance to share happiness with more people -- so be smart! Don't just buy 10 bottles for yourself. Be sure that you are sharing these with others and increasing your prospect base! And be sure to work with your uplines to make the best use of this unique marketing opportunity!

This promotion is limited to November 2, or until we've spent the $1 Million, so don't delay! Get yours today!

(Accompany each product with a promotional flyer)

Flyer Opción 1
Promo Mexico Flyer
Flyer Opción 2
Promo Mexico Flyer