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Drew Lawrence to speak at Annual Conference

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World Renowned Advisor and Vedic Astrologer

Drew Lawrence was an accomplished musician. In the early 70's, his band, Wascana, was one of the top five bands in Canada. Viewed from the outside, he had everything a 21-year old young man could want.

However, in 1969, he had a spiritual awakening. He began to realize that discovering and carrying out his life's purpose was more important than anything else in the world. He began seriously practicing yoga and meditation. Then, in 1973, at the height of his musical career and right before the band was to sign their first record deal with Warner Brothers records, Drew decided to leave it all behind and become a monk. He found an Indian guru, a teacher of mysticism, and he spent the next five years living in ashrams in Toronto and Los Angeles and began to travel to India to study. He learned Sanskrit, the ancient language of Hinduism and Buddhism. He became a Sanskrit scholar and editor and edited his guru's English translations of many of the seminal texts of yoga philosophy and mysticism. These books are now in every major library throughout the world. Drew himself also began to translate rare Sanskrit texts for the Western market.

Drew had embarked on his own life purpose: To benefit society by helping people to discover their life purpose and reach their full human potential.

Drew has drawn upon his own knowledge of Vedic astrology, Jungian psychology, and other influences to create powerful tools to help people to overcome past limitations and transform their lives. The author of 2 books, he is also a renowned speaker, leadership strategist, and Vedic astrology consultant.

He has the distinction of having spoken on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, and his worldwide client list is staggering. He is a consultant to Fortune 500 executives, crown princes, heads of state, United Nations envoys, diplomats, Ivy League professors, inventors, cutting-edge entrepreneurs, and entertainment celebrities including Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone, Golden Globe-winning actress Jennifer Garner, Marsha Mason, Cindy Crawford, Kate Beckinsale, Linda Gray, Joanna Gleason, Chris Sarandon, Robin Wright, Billy Zane, Chris de Burgh, Miss World Rosanna Davison, and many others. Drew says that in consulting with over 50,000 people over the last 35 years, he has never seen a group of people like he has found within YOR Health. He should know: Over 160 of us from our top leadership on down have consulted with him to date. He has a profound and practical way of looking at the phenomenon of life, which enables people to live fully and in harmony. We understand clearly why Drew is treasured by thousands of people around the world.

We also understand why Drew is excited to be coming to share some of his knowledge with YOR Health's independent reps and guests at the YOR Health Annual Conference, August 26: His work is highly aligned with our mission and vision.

He will also be joining YOR Health's top qualifying reps the next day at the Annual Getaway 2012 - Paradise in San Diego, where he will be lecturing and answering questions. He will be available Tuesday for 5 private consultations, which will be awarded by raffle during the Monday evening session of the Paradise Point retreat!

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