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YOR Health Launches in
Europe, 1st Quarter 2012
YOR Health is proud to announce that during the first quarter of 2012 we will be hosting our first ever European Launch Event as we open our products up to all participating European countries. At the Launch event, we will be unveiling our first ever, French labeled Premium Quality Health Products!

This is an exciting milestone for our global expansion plans. With our proven track record in the United States & Mexico, this Launch also presents an amazing opportunity for any Europeans out there looking to get in on a ground floor global expansion opportunity.

This special event will be unparalleled and will be presented by none other than White Diamond, Michael Mo and Blue Diamond, Hector Flores. Be sure to be there to experience the official welcome to Europe and become the first to open up our next frontier as one of Europe’s pioneers!

Take advantage of our special Pre-Sale and be the first to receive the French Labeled YOR Health Products when they become available in 2012!
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Probiotics Ultra
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Fiber Plus
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