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Limited Edition YOR Nutrition Delivery System box set special

Limited Edition YOR Nutrition Delivery System® Box set
Limited supply left, get yours while you can!
We have a few LIMITED EDITION YOR Nutrition Delivery System® BOX SETS left (YOR Fiber Plus™, YOR Digest Ultra™, and YOR Probiotics Ultra™). Each set also comes with a commemorative YOR Nutrition Delivery System® Key Chain and special Annual Conference packaging that will only be available while supplies last. So get yours before they're all gone!!!

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YOR Fiber Plus
YOR Fiber Plus™ is an advanced dietary fiber supplement designed to fill the fiber gap and other deficiencies in your diet. It combines the highest quality, pure, natural and organic fibers with organic flaxseed, Omega-3, a powerful antioxidant called HMRlignan™, and the patent-protected YOR Nutrition Delivery System®. The light and fresh taste, plus the easy-to-mix blend will turn your fiber experience into a daily pleasure!†

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YOR Digest Ultra
YOR Digest Ultra™ is a high potency digestive combination product featuring the Patent-Protected YOR Nutrition Delivery System® - clinically proven to better health. This full spectrum digestive support formula includes: high potency 100% natural plant enzymes, a soothing herb blend, probiotics, prebiotics, and nutrients to support healthy blood sugar levels and healthy fat metabolism. This highly effective formula improves ease of use by minimizing the amount of pills required to take daily.†

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YOR Probiotics Ultra
YOR Probiotics Ultra™ is breaking new grounds in the future of probiotics with the clinically proven strain Howaru® B. lactis and the revolutionary veggie capsule technology DRcaps™. This high potency breakthrough formula provides 10 highly stable strains, over 40 billion c.f.u., and guarantees maximum results.†

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