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July Sales Heat Up as Annual Conference Approaches

July Sales
As the 2011 YOR Health Annual Conference is just a few weeks away, we are celebrating early in light of July's extraordinary sales. Month after month we have seen our numbers climb—and July is no different!

We have witnessed July 2010 sales surpass July 2009 sales by an incredible 75% growth. The trend continued well into 2011, where July 2011 was a formidable 54% of July 2010 sales. Since July 2009, sales have skyrocketed and July 2011 has culminated to a record-breaking 175% growth. That means July 2011 was almost double the sales of July 2009!

It's numbers like these that show time and time again that we are all about results and proving to you why we are the best opportunity to success. We have the numbers, the amazing team and the vision—so be a part of the 2011 YOR Health Annual Conference in Las Vegas this month and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!