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DSA VP Adolfo Franco to speak at 2011 Annual Conference

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2011 Annual Conference

We are thrilled and honored to announce to you the late-breaking addition of Adolfo Franco, Vice President for Global Regulatory Affairs at the Direct Selling Association (DSA), as a speaker at our 2011 Annual Conference. The DSA is recognized as the direct selling industry's arbiter of consumer trust. Only those companies that meet the DSA's high standards for business practices are eligible to become members.

We previously announced that YOR Health has been fully accepted as a member of the prestigious DSA. Now, one of its top executives will be gracing our conference, not just as a speaker, but as an enthusiastic consumer of YOR Health products! Adolfo Franco has been using our products and has become an ardent fan. He'll be talking to Independent Representatives about his experience with our products as well as informing us about the latest regulatory issues in our industry.

In his work for the DSA, Adolfo Franco works to promote the direct selling industry's interests with Members of Congress, State Legislatures, as well as both Federal and State regulatory authorities. He also provides advice to member companies such as YOR Health regarding access to foreign markets. We are incredibly gratified to receive Adolfo Franco's professional validation, support and expertise and we hope you'll be there with us to hear his message at the 2011 Annual Conference.

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