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Another Phenomenal Month of Record Breaking News!

May Sales
YOR Health is celebrating its 5th consecutive month of RECORD BREAKING SALES!
January 2011 gave us a glimpse of what this year had in store for us. January was followed by back to back record sales months making January, February, and March the highest first quarter sales in our company history. April 2011 surpassed many company milestones and raised the bar to new heights. On top of out performing April, May 2011 sales were 148% of May 2010 and an astounding 287% of May 2009. May 2011 sales have ignited the stage and has set the pace as we move into the summer!

As more and more people are catching on to the fact that optimal health begins with good digestion. We are proud to be the premiere company at the forefront of a skyrocketing industry. With so much anticipation of what will unfold at the 2011 YOR Health Annual Conference in Las Vegas, the only way to witness it is to be there for the unveiling.

Keep up the great work, make sure you and your team will be at the 2011 Annual Conference and we will prove to you why YOR Health is the single best opportunity in the world today!