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Founder’s Weekend – Sacramento


We had a fabulous weekend in Northern California with Cuu Vo’s group.  Although they are the newest group developing, the guest turnout ratio was very high - approximately 45% of those in attendance.  It was exciting for me to see a team so appreciative of the Company, the products, & opportunity ahead of them.  At the end of the presentation, many guests came up to me and expressed their eagerness to try our products. 

After our presentation, Michael and I spent the rest of the afternoon conducting a very productive question and answer session.  I was delighted to hear the questions that were being asked; very few questions were about the products themselves.  This proves that the Company did a great job of educating the Independent Representatives on the products.  I could see the confidence in the people’s eyes anytime a subject pertaining to the products was brought up.  As I know how the new products (YOR Probiotics and YOR Repair) are working for me, I was extremely excited to hear what it was doing for the Independent Representatives and our Customers.  The response was incredible; one lady spoke in front of the room about her experience, saying that she had pain from a previous car accident and was unable to walk without feeling pain.  Within the first day of using YOR Repair, her pain was gone and she was able to go jogging.  Others said that they used to have stomach aches, but after using YOR Probiotics they were able to use the restroom more often and their stomach aches were gone.*  Most of the questions reflected on how to become a better leader, how to build a team, and how to work with other people. This was very encouraging for me because as new as this team is, they were asking all the right questions. 

We ended Saturday evening with a social dinner. There were about 40 of us total, enjoying each others company, sharing experiences, laughing, and meeting new faces. 

The following day Michael did an incredible training session on all the basics.  Again it was a delight for me to see Michael at work, training the Independent Representatives on the purpose of the basics, to build a strong foundation; something that I have not done for years.  It was so refreshing to spend a little time with the new team and getting to experience Michael’s ingenious way of training the new upcoming teams. 

Overall, we had another very successful event.  I would like thank Cuu Vo, Danh Truong, Benny Ly, Tim Nguyen, Brightmoon Vang, Jonathan Ong for their time and help in putting together such a great event.  I am sure that Sacramento, California will continue to grow from this point on.  We are aiming to grow the Northern California teams big enough to invite at least one of the Doctors and Tim Brown to come meet them in person.  Remember, Tim Brown spent 17 years playing for the Raiders in Northern California.  I bet if Tim Brown is scheduled to the next event in Sacramento, many people would be very excited to see the relationship between Tim Brown and YOR Health.  Until then, I wish nothing but continued growth and success for the Northern California teams.  See you all at the next event...


* YOR does not make any claim that such experiences are typical or are indicative of future performance or success of using one of their products. Individual results may vary