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YOR Choice Video Contest

YOR Choice VideoYOR Choice Video

YOR Health is giving you a chance to show off your creativity and earn a chance to have your video featured at the 2010 YOR Health Annual Conference. This is a great opportunity to share your YOR Health experiences with the world, so let’s get those cameras rolling. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

There are a few restrictions so be sure to read the rules very carefully.
YOR Choice Video Overview:
You are what you absorb. In your video you can talk about how you got to your best self based on what you have absorbed through YOR Health recently. Whether it is our nutritional products or information you learned from the company to make you a better person. Maybe it was in your personal relationships, business relationships or your ability to build your team, we want to know what you learned and how were you open to learn to make your life better. At the end of the day this is all about lifestyle. A lifestyle video about what you absorbed in terms of your nutrition, what you absorbed in your mind to make you a better, stronger person. That’s what the video should be based on.

The top videos will be featured at the 2010 Annual Conference!
YOR Choice Video Guidelines:
We’re looking for creativity, fun, and originality. Be yourself, or play someone else…use your imagination, and above all, have fun! Your video does not need to be fancy, a video from a Flip® or similar pocket sized video camera, or your digital camera will do! Feel free to use approved logos and images available for download in YOR Admin.

Please be sure to AVOID doing any of the following when creating YOR videos:

  1. Making any medical claims. Remember, YOR Health does not diagnose, treat or cure any disease.
  2. Using explicit or offensive language.
  3. Promoting any specific team or leader…we are all one Company together, we are all YOR Health!
  4. Making videos that are too lengthy! Try to keep videos under 3 minutes.
YOR Choice Video Official Rules:
  1. Videos should not be made public on sites such as youtube, vimeo, facebook, etc or shared with anyone. Please make videos password protected or private viewing only. Private video links should be send to for contest submission.
  2. Do not put YOR Health in the title or the tags of the video.
  3. Make sure that your video is under 3 minutes in length.
  4. All submissions become property of YOR Health and all rights to re-distribute in any form are granted to YOR Health.
  5. Prize winner(s) will be selected from five finalists.
  6. All submissions may potentially be featured on various YOR Health websites, including but not limited to, YOR Health Facebook page and YOR Health Youtube channels.
  7. To qualify, videos must be uploaded by August 15, 2010
  8. You must be at least 18 to participate.
  9. For legal purposes, any product other than YOR Health must have the name and logo obscured.
* By sending YOR Health the video you are agreeing to the following: Any video material you send becomes the property of YOR Health, thereby granting us permission to use your video on YOR Health websites and social media sites. Do not send copyrighted material. YOR Health reserves the right to disqualify any video that does not follow the above rules or that we deem inappropriate or inaccurate.