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Founder's Weekend: Manhattan , New York

Wow! What an amazing turnout we had in Manhattan, New York.


There were so many people in attendance that we ran out of seats; people were standing along the walls. Of course, I was very proud of our Independent Representatives, who all gave up their own seats to make sure the guests were comfortable. The room was comprised of about 35% guests. After the two hour presentation that I conducted and our lunch break, I took a survey and was pleasantly surprised to learn that a majority of the guests stayed.

Everybody was very polite and cordial to our special guests: Mr. Dick Cooke, Dr. Couey, and Dr. Fuller. They all expressed how they could not believe that they were in Manhattan, New York with such a polite group of young people. They also commented that the wide range in diverse nationalities working so closely together was unlike anything they had ever seen.

Dick Cooke (who is from Wall St. and is recognized by “Quest Magazine” as one of the 400 most influential Americans) spoke about the power of network marketing in conjunction with health and wellness. With all his years of business experience, he is fully convinced that network marketing truly builds wealth; he noted that it is the most powerful instrument to generating income. Network marketing has definitely proven to him that he will always be safe, and YOR Health, especially, is proving it in today’s business atmosphere. Mr. Cooke encouraged everybody in the room that YOR Health will be a successful company, and that is what makes us unique is our philosophy and our ability to inspire young adults under 30 to be mature in their dealings with the market place.

During the 1 hour presentation given by Dr. Couey of Baylor University, we were educated on how our body works at the cellular level. He spoke of how enzymes along with a healthy diet and moderate exercise routine maintain good health. On top of being quite informative, Dr. Couey was charming and delightful to listen to as his presentations always include funny jokes. I wish all my professors in school taught like he did. Every single person in the room had a good belly laugh and at the same time absorbed some very important information about living well with good health.

Dr. Fuller was amazing; she has the tone of a mother that put all of us at ease. She told us of her endeavors over the last ten years, which have been committed to developing her enzyme products that are based on four body types. Each body type is determined by the width of your clavicles compared to the width of your hips, and each body type has its own challenges in digesting carbohydrates, proteins, sugars, and fats. As she elaborated on each body type and its respective challenges, everybody in the room was silent, all attentive to what she was saying; there were many “ah-ha” moments for the audience.

Once Dr. Fuller wrapped up, we took the opportunity to recognize all the ranking Independent Representatives. It was so much fun for Michael Mo and myself to see the smiles on everybody’s faces as they ran up with excitement knowing that they have a great future ahead of them.

We concluded the event with a book signing by Dr. Couey, Dr. Fuller, and Wendy Cooke, author of The M Club. We ended up selling out of books and everybody wanted Dr. Fuller to measure them to find out their body type. Of course, she was not able to measure everybody, but we will try to have Dr. Fuller spend a little more time with us at the Boston event on December 6, 2008.

It is so amazing to see young people so curious about good nutrition and health and so anxious to learn about entrepreneurship. While everybody is talking about how the economy is collapsing, it couldn’t make me happier that we have a very different perspective of our future and YOR Health compared to the rest of the world.

After the event on Saturday, the FC took our guests and myself to a special dinner. We had a great time as we were given the chance to hear more stories and create new friendships. It was an honor to have such experienced people spend their time with us and contribute to our future. The proof is in the pudding; right after our events on Saturday and Sunday, our product sales peaked to a new high. Our guest speakers must have really impacted our guests and inspired them to try our products.

I would like to take this moment to personally thank the Founder’s Council - Sheel Patel, Robbie Hendricks, Ahmad Evaji, Josh Lau, Cynthia Banh, Johnny Ly, and Michael Mo - for creating such a great event. I know that since the Las Vegas event, the Independent Representatives have gained more experience from the benefits that the products have to offer, from the body transformations, to more energy throughout their days, and making more money than ever – we had our best financial month while the rest of world has been in financial crisis. This has given the Independent Representatives more confidence and the reassurance that all of our hard work is paying off…It was the best event we’ve ever had in our entire career.

Dennis Wong
YOR Health Founder