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Run for Double Diamond 2010

Double Diamond Run Banner
The Run for Double Diamond will reward all Independent Representatives that hit the rank of Double Diamond or above from 5:00 pm (PST) Feb. 12, 2010 through 4:59 pm (PST) July 16, 2010 with all of the following:

Special Feature in YOR Success Magazine
All Double Diamonds and above will be given a 2 page article in the next issue of YOR Success Magazine, which will include an interview, biography, his/her tips on how they got to where they are, and photos.

*Diamonds will receive a 1 page article. Emeralds will receive a ½ page article.

Special Feature at the 2010 Annual Conference
All Double Diamonds and above will be recognized on stage and will have a special segment reserved for their success story.

Diamond Getaway to Maui
Qualifying Diamonds and above will be taken on an unforgettable trip to Maui, Hawaii. The trip departs the day after the YOR Health 2010 Annual Conference and comes complete with more memories than any camera can capture.

Additional details coming soon.