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luxury done naturally
Bare Living


Made from synthetic - FREE ingredients
POWERED by Bare Oils™
Created FREE of harmful parabens, sulfates, & petroleum ingredients
NO animal testing
ALWAYS pure natural fragrances

Luxury, meet Purity.

Believe it or not, when it comes to personal care products, these two have never met.

Until now.

Bare Living products achieved what many claimed was not possible.

The Pursuit

Arriving at such a high-quality product was far from easy. Many times we were told that achieving a luxury product that is pure and made with synthetic-free ingredients was impossible. “It just can’t be done!” they told us.

But, like all promising unions, you have to find someone to believe.

Working with one of the biggest name manufacturers in the world, we pushed research and development to new levels. We were able to produce something so pure, remarkable, and worthy of our Bare brand of products.

The Power of Bare

Bare Living products are powered by our own organic Bare Oils.

The combination of Bare Oils and Bare Living propels the qualities of these products to a superior level by offering a heightened experience through the benefits of essential oils.



Be used as a natural antibacterial for skin
Clear away blemishes
Help with dandruff
Fight against hair loss


Pink Grapefruit

Support lustrous shine for hair
Fight dandruff
Be used as a natural Hair detangler
Naturally help clean away dirt, salt build-up and chlorine
Be used as a natural antibacterial



Aid hair growth
Help moisturize scalp & strands
Be used as a natural antiseptic for dry scalp and skin
Aid in minor skin irritation from burns
Help with dandruff
Help calm itchy skin



Increase skin luster
Be good for detoxifying skin
Help clear away blemishes
Be used as a natural disinfectant for skin
Help promote strong hair
Help with dandruff



Be used as a natural antibacterial for skin
Help protect and heal skin thanks to high Vitamin C levels
Help fight signs of aging in skin
Help fight acne causing bacteria



Help clear away blemishes
Promote healthy hair growth
Help with dandruff
Help soothe irritated scalp
Reduce appearance of rashes
Reduce appearance of redness from sunburn

Traverse the Globe

Bare Living brings the best aromatic plant extracts and essential oils from around the world and places them into the comfort of your home-- from the hills of Bulgaria, to the mountains of Nepal, to the orchards of the United States. As you use Bare Living, you circle the globe, bringing the world’s finest ingredients into your home, every day.


Steady as an afternoon breeze, you stroll along your most favorites paths. You inhale the fullness of marigold, rose, and the faintness of honeysuckle that wafts on the air. Calmness is your ultimate motivation, and you draw upon your surroundings to provide that inner peace.

It’s as easy as tracing your fingertips along the small, firm leaves of the olive branch, or sinking your feet to the softest sand, letting the coolness of the sea wash over you.


As if strolling through dewy citrus orchards, the zest of lemon and grapefruit is ever present. It is joined by the sparkling bouquet of geranium, lavender, gardenia, and the delicate scent of jasmine. As you come down from your aromatic experience, you find yourself soothed by patchouli and chamomile, as if you have walked through the fields yourself.

You’ve traversed the globe without ever leaving your home.

Avalon Rain

As your senses ignite when the rain gently kisses your skin, so does your mind when gently kissed by the heart of inspiration.

The citrusy brightness of lemon and orange enlivens creativity, while the freshness of basil and the gentleness of jasmine encourage you to relax as you contemplate the uniqueness of living a natural life.

These uplifting fragrances harvested from the earth’s own plants and natural botanicals stimulate your senses while creating a daily experience that has you enjoying the absolute best the world has to offer

Always pure, natural fragrances.

We are pleased to offer such a clean, pure product, and we are honored to be in your home. It is for these reasons that we offer and stand by our Bare Promise, and will continue to bring you clean, quality products made with nature’s most luxurious ingredients.These uplifting fragrances harvested from the earth’s own plants and natural botanicals stimulate your senses while creating a daily experience that has you enjoying the absolute best the world has to offer