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Product Videos
Product Usage
This video provides clear direction on how to get started using the entire YOR Health product line, and simple step by step instructions to help new customers as well as seasoned YOR Health product users get the most out…
Product Introduction
Learn about the YOR Health Difference of premium quality health products utilizing enzyme delivery systems to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness. With 30 years of research and clinical application behind our enzyme…
Weight Management Videos
Testimonial Highlights 2010
Share the stories of people whose lives have been changed through using YOR Health products. Their heart-warming stories and experiences are truly captivating and deserve to be shared.
Weight Loss and Enzymes
Dr. Fuller teaches that we gain weight when we are out of balance. Dedicating over 30 years of scientific research to plant based digestive enzymes, she has come up with her greatest formulation yet. YOR 1-2-3-4 is a customized…
Athlete Videos
Athletes: Sid Taberlay Story
Sid has climbed the ranks to become one of the world’s top professional mountain bike riders. Continuing to improve each year, Sid was able to finish top 10 in the World and earned a spot in the 2004 Olympics in Athens.…
Athletes: Tim Brown Story
Tim Brown attended the University of Notre Dame 1984-1988 and became a 2 time All-American (’86, ’87), Sporting News Player of the Year (1987), and Walter Camp Player of the Year (1987). In 1987 he also won the most prized…
Athletes: Bodybuilders
With 20 plus years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Terry Hairston, widely known as the former Mr. America, along with wife Kim Harris, put together Team America Fitness to bring a vast knowledge of health…
Opportunity Videos
YOR Best Body Presentation Video
Unleash your inner Champion with the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge, the most fun and exciting body transformation challenge on the planet! Learn how YOR Health products and Thermo-Activation can get you into the best shape…
Business Introduction
It is our dream to help people achieve stability and prosperity in the most important areas of their lives, and the YOR Health product line offers people the opportunity to improve their health and discover a path to financial…
YOR Leadership
Leaders are not made overnight. At YOR Health, we know that there are people from all walks of life who have years of experience in leadership and who can lend their unique talents to a growing company that rewards vision.…
YOR Opportunity
What if we told you that you have an opportunity in front of you with No Risk, No Obligations, and virtually No Overhead Costs typically associated with starting your own business? YOR Health…
YOR Success Stories
Cuu Vo Success Story
To Cuu Vo there are three types of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who ask, What happened? After years of watching his parents struggle to live the American Dream, he decided…
Michael Mo Success Story
Michael Mo got a sudden wake up call when his father suffered a heart attack and his family's world was suddenly turned upside down. When Michael witnessed his father, the sole breadwinner of the family, take shortcuts in…
Quoc Nguyen Success Story
Quoc grew up knowing his parents would do anything for him. They were the most kind and generous people he had ever known. Everyone in his family worked very hard, but there was still never enough. His friends, who were truck…
Joshua & Adriana Patiño Success Story
Josh and Adrianna knew that, no matter where you come from, if you decide to believe you can change your life. Both of them came from backgrounds with lots of frustration, carrying problems of the past. Illness and anger…
Johnny Ly Success Story
Originally from Cambodia, his family fled the country to escape the Khmer Rouge and arrived at a refugee camp in Thailand, where Johnny Ly was born. Afterwards, they settled in Boston, Massachusetts. Johnny's father began…
Paco Hernandez Success Story
Paco Hernandez earned a scholarship to study Mechanical Engineering and upon graduating, started working for a transnational company. After working many years in the same routine, he began to feel trapped and stories of success…
Alex Euan & Laura Lozano Success Story
Alex and Laura began their careers as orthodontists in the dental field. As the years passed, the couple became frustrated that despite their hard work, they were not achieving the lifestyle they wanted. Reality hit when…
Agustin & Soraya Arana Success Story

Hello, my name is Soraya. Some of you do not know me but maybe you know my husband. He is Mexican actor, singer and song writer, Agustin Arana. I worked in the Fashion World for approximately 12 years. I had a successful…

Concepcion Aguillon Success Story

Hello. My name is Concepcion Aguillón. During my childhood we lived times of scarcity. Not only financially, but also in terms of not having our parents around. My dad left home to go to work at 4am He would return at…

Cris Esteve & Cristina Treviño Success Story

I’m Cristina Treviño. I am 56 years old. I come from a family in which being a woman meant being nothing. Regardless, ever since I was little I wanted something different. And I started the journey of owning my own life.…

Dan Hamilton & Cindy Lee Success Story

Cindy: My parents came from a third world country. We thought we would have everything when we moved to California. But instead, we found challenge. We didn't have much, so my parents worked really hard to support us.…

David Uriarte Success Story
Coming from a successful family of doctors, David Uriarte moved to Monterrey to study as an engineer but when he entered the corporate world he knew that he was destined for more. YOR Health offered him the answer and showed…
Hector Flores Success Story
At the age of 17, Hector Flores crossed the border and entered the United States. While at high school he met his wife and started a family but remembered that he had promised to help his parents. He began to work at every…
Marcela Jotar Vallejo Success Story

Hello my name is Marcela Jotar. I am 26 years old and I am a graphic designer. I grew up In Huejutla, a province in the state of Hidalgo, and I come from a family of divorced parents, where through their example they taught…

Polo & Anelís Urdiales Success Story

Hello. I'm Polo Urdiales, and I come from a very average family, very traditional that had everything we needed, thank God. Yet , here was never something extra. From a very young age my dad told me, study hard, work hard,…

Rocio Almirudis & Ruben Gaytan Success Story

We really have a very similar life. We were both born and raised in Obregon, Sonora Mexico, in a very nice family, full of love. Our parents always tried to give us the best and to instill in us very good values. We were…

Maika Trigos Success Story
As a single mother, Maika Trigos wanted to give her children the best in life. But as she worked harder and longer hours, her family time diminished as well. One day, when she asked her oldest daughter why she didn't want…
Robert Hendricks Success Story
Growing up, Robbie Hendricks was taught that success was about moving up, climbing the corporate ladder and making money. However, his doubts grew as he watched his own parents sacrifice their health and their family for…
Marko Pavasovic Success Story
Marko’s parents gave him everything. After enduring a war, they emigrated from Serbia to Australia, and made great sacrifices. They worked terribly hard, often with two jobs, but they could only afford the basics. Marko wanted…
Suzy Wan Success Story
Thanks to the YOR Health opportunity, Suzy Wan works from her elegant home in Pasadena and starts every day with Yoga. Yet this is a long way from her humble beginnings as a child living in a single room with ten other people.…
Ale Fragoso Success Story
Since childhood, Ale Fragoso endured challenging medical issues, which caused her great despair. For her, growing up was difficult. All Ale wanted to do was help others. But, due to her limitations, she could not devote time…
Evelyn Serrano Success Story
Evelyn Serrano came from a very hard working family. Her parents sacrificed a lot to make sure she and her sister received a good education. So, she studied hard, became independent and was able to obtain a substantial job.…
Saira Arias & Alejandro Fuentes Success Story
Saira and Alejandro both come from family oriented backgrounds. Married for 22 years and with three children, they have always striven to do the best they can for their family. Saira is a lawyer, with her own law firm. Alejandro…