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Dennis Wong YOR Health Co-Founder

Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker for the company’s thousands of Independent Representatives (IRs) didn’t start his career in the world of nutritional products. His intended professional path was in electrical engineering, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health came about by chance, circumstance, a bit of luck, and lifetime of hard work.

At the age of 22, Wong entered college to study electrical engineering. This was expected of him as a Chinese immigrant. When that professional field died out suddenly, he and his sister put their minds together and began working together in real estate, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health would be a later product of the siblings’ professional partnership. The Wongs showed considerable talent in brokerage and caught the attention of the Chinese-American community. They were befriended by an immigrant billionaire who took the lesser experienced Wongs under his wings, recalls Dennis Wong. YOR Health may not yet have been a company at this time, but the values and practices he learned from his new mentor shaped his view of business and thus the company.

After several successful years in real estate, the money wasn’t making him happy, recalls Dennis Wong. YOR Health was on the horizon as Wong struggled with health problems and disenchantment with his work. Learning of a problematic health condition after a routine checkup, Wong decided he’d had enough of the fast-paced life. It was time for change and no one was more ready than Dennis Wong. YOR Health was conceptualized at this time and exhaustive research began to locate the most effective products on the market to better his own failing health, recounts Dennis Wong. YOR Health came about after he failed to find the quality he needed to battle his pre-diabetes and newly diagnosed heart disease.

It took seven years for Dennis Wong, YOR Health founder, to make his dream a reality. Using their combined expertise in advertising, Wong and his sister located a perfect match in a product development firm that needed a marketing arm, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health was born of this relationship. Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, had his work cut out for him but that didn’t stop the determined businessman from moving forward and pushing past his fears.

Today, Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and the company’s experienced team of advisors have a business that allows people from across the globe independence from financial burdens
and poor health. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health carries over a dozen
proprietary nutritional products with a patented Nutritional Delivery System.
These products provide absorbable nutrients, vitamins, and a perfect balance
of enzymes.

Developed by the company’s scientific research, there are a number of products that
are near and dear to Dennis Wong. YOR Health YOR Repair Ultra is a favorite that
works to restore damaged muscle post workout, explains Dennis Wong. YOR Health
YOR Shake is a meal replacement that controls hunger, helps maintain weight,
and supports healthy muscle growth. Other products in the YOR Health
family include YOR CompleteBurn, YOR Probiotics Ultra, YOR Superslim,
and YOR Sculpt.

Dennis Wong, YOR Health founder, is now happy and healthy. And though his
journey wasn’t always easy, he says he feels like he’s “home” helping
others help themselves through diet, exercise, and his company’s
opportunities for financial freedom.

Founding Chairman
Dennis Wong