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Tim Brown and YOR Health
Tim Brown: Chief Athletic Advisor

YOR Health proudly bestows the title of Chief Athletic Advisor to NFL Raiders Legend, Tim Brown. We would like to thank Tim Brown for his dedication to our products and the influence that he has made not only to YOR Health, but also to countless communities all across the country. His continuous efforts to fight child obesity make him a true humanitarian and we are proud to have him as our Chief Athletic Advisor.

Tim Brown has appeared on Oprah and Capitol Hill to promote his various programs geared towards teaching and helping kids. He has stated that he is doing everything he can to encourage these kids to keep moving and stay active and has dedicated much of his free time to mentoring kids, hosting football camps, and most importantly helping to keep kids physically active. He is also involved with organizations designing fund raisers for kids that steer away from the selling of candy. Tim Brown continues to support various charities across the nation with one goal in common, keeping our kids active and healthy.

Being an athlete, Tim Brown knows the importance of high quality products. “For an athlete, you are always looking for the best and when our bodies demand the best because what we have gone through and what we constantly put ourselves through; that is where YOR Health comes in,” he stated. “In addition to playing football for 17 years, I have a 5 year old boy/girl twins and a 10 year old daughter who’s very active and loves beating up on daddy on a day to day basis, it was quite paramount for me to be able to live an active life. And what YOR Health has been able to give me is that active life.”

Tim Brown has been an active supporter and user of YOR Repair, YOR Probiotics, and YOR 1-2-3-4 before it was made available to the public. He has been a strong advocate of supplemental Enzymes and has said that he doesn’t let anybody in his house without talking to them about the importance of taking enzymes.