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Happy new year everyone!  2008 was a very interesting year, it was so sporadic yet it had such great opportunity.  The world had a financial meltdown and now they say it’s even worse than the Great Depression of the 1930’s.  Last year, a lot of people in the world were affected, to the point where everybody was scrambling to make ends meet; the world as they knew it was turned upside down, what they thought was real no longer was.  I’m speaking in terms of lifestyle. 

For YOR Health, we started 2008 planning before the meltdown.  The beginning of the year was a big transition for us because we saw a shift in the marketplace; changing from marketing telecommunication to health and nutritional products.  Again, that was a shift in reality.  The people that were proactive and able to change with the times probably did not suffer through this global shift in the financial marketplace. 

In the Chinese astrology, they called 2008 the Year of the Rat, for some of you that have no idea what this means, I know how you feel.  I felt the same way as most people do when first hearing about this hocus pocus astrology “b.s.”  I used to feel that only naïve or ignorant people were into stuff like that.  However, what I found was that I was totally incorrect because my knowledge of it was based on hearsay. 

According to the legend, when Lord Buddha summoned all the animals to bid him farewell before he departed Earth, only twelve showed up.  As a token of his appreciation, he named a year after each animal in the order of its arrival.  First came the Rat, followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and finally the Boar.  The Rat symbolized action, speed, and initiation.  Although the negative traits of the Rat magnify impatience, being sporadic, scattered, scrambling, and shallow, the Rat also represents quick mindedness and being bright and clever.  

Notice that the Year of the Rat is the beginning of the Chinese Astrology; the cycle has started again in 2008.  For us at YOR, we were able to capitalize on this philosophy and initiate and create a new beginning which was YOR Health.  Starting in February and materializing in the form of the official launch on May 5th 2008.  As a company we were able to leverage the Year of the Rat and create a stronger Company as our revenue grew throughout the entire year and the Independent Representatives we able to make more money than they had in the past.  Globally, the average person does not know how to leverage this energy; therefore, they were caught off guard.  Another attribute of the Rat is nervousness, for those that paid attention to people in 2008, you might have noticed that everybody had a nervousness about them. 

Maybe if Mr. John McCain learned more about the science of astrology, he might have won the seat in the Presidential Election. First of all, he was born in the Year of the Rat and Mr. Barack Obama is the Year of the Ox.  2008, the Rat year, would have been more advantageous for Obama. This is because the Ox is methodical and Year of the Rat amplified the Rat’s nervous energy.

Looking back, McCain was ahead in the polls right before the meltdown. McCain acted erratically and announced that he must stop his Presidential Campaign to go back to Washington to help with the crisis. Obama criticized him for not being able to multi-task. Besides that, there was nothing that either McCain or Obama was able to do but put on a show. All the experts and commentators agreed with Obama, and then throughout the rest of the Campaign, all of McCain’s weekly TV ads were sporadic, very unclear and inconsistent.  His campaign jumped around starting by calling Obama a terrorist, then a Muslim, then claiming that he was unpatriotic.  They then focused on Obama’s lack of experience, but they were never able to hit on the most important subject, the economy, which the American public wanted to know how to resolve.  In the meantime, Obama’s campaign was precise, methodical, and focused, as the Ox’s actions should be; the message was CHANGE.  It was truly not a battle between a Democrat and a Republican, or a black man vs. a white man, or an experienced man vs. a non experienced man; it was the battle of Rat vs. Ox, in the Rat’s year.

The bottom line is, the American people voted for a black man, with a funny name (Barrack Obama), which has very little experience in Washington over a white man, who is a war hero with over 30 years of experience in Washington. If you would have asked the American people a few years ago if they thought that it were possible for a black man to become President, everybody would have said ‘no, impossible’ including African Americans.  No one would have believed it to be possible, not yet at least.  So can you conclude that, the energy of the Year has influenced humanity to do something that they would never conceive of?  The way I see this, the Year’s energy has a lot to do with the World’s events as we went from the impossible to possible in a year’s time.

At the end of 2008 I had a great personal loss, my dear, dear friend David Hong.  David is an Aries Rat; look what happened, David’s passing, was in the month of December, which according to Chinese Astrology, is the Month of the Rat.  According to the book “The Secret Language of Birthdays”, December 14 (the day David passed) is “The Day of Exhibition”; I believe this made him even more rambunctious than the usual Aries or Rat.  And from what I learned, he was at a nightclub with 3 floors, running up and down the stairs the way a rat would.  Being so excited, he leapt over a rail thinking the other side was a floor and fell right through it. 

These are the things I see as lessons for me to learn.  Today, after 5 years of exposure to this science and countless events that correlate the patterns of people with this science, I can not deny these things as much as I would like to.  Therefore, no longer am I going to allow myself to be narrow minded as I was before.  What I discovered is that astrology is an empirical study; it’s simply derived from recorded data that pinpoints patterns in human behavior and associates it to a person’s time of birth.  I’ve also noticed that people who really understand astrology are not dogmatic; they are able to see things beyond face value.  They can see the bigger picture, and how they relate to the patterns of movement of the world and the universe.

Because of last year’s financial state, the world has to reset their standards in the way of life that was caused in the Year of the Rat.  This leads us to 2009, the Year of the Ox.  We move from the Rat’s creativity, inventiveness and initiative into the Year of the Ox which represents the hard work needed to build a foundation.  The Ox is also systematic, methodical, and focused. 

The Year of the Ox is the year of labor; we have to build.  For the people that are naïve and ignorant to this type of understanding, they will fall into distress.  The Year of the Rat made them more nervous instead of being more inventive and creative.  They will move into the Year of the Ox, more stubborn, unable to figure a way out of their situation, and will set up a bad foundation for their future.  They will become cynical and lose trust in human nature.  For the ones that are able to adjust with the energy of 2008 and have accepted the new world as it is, they will be ready to build a strong foundation, thus we are doing exactly that with YOR Health. 

We have already developed some incredible, novel products.  Yet we still have more exciting plans that will be unveiled throughout the year.  For the people that are focused, for those that follow the Founder’s Council, Michael and me, you will have a more prosperous year than the last.  And that will send you off into 2010, the Year of the Tiger, with explosiveness.  I hope this helps inspire some of you and may 2009 be YOR year of grounding, to shoot you off for an exciting, successful year in 2010.
Dennis Wong