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Comp Plan Updates March 2014

This has been a very good year thus far.  Everything is coming together as planned and our future is looking brighter than ever. We’re at the final stages of our comp plan revisions.  Our goal behind improving the comp plan was to deliver a world-class company platform that will not only reward, but drive the proper behaviors of our sales team towards our marketing goals and ambitions.  In fact, just in the past three pay cycles alone, the Company has paid out over $350k through promotional bonuses and financial subsidy that go beyond the comp plan, just so we could aid and ignite excitement around the new comp plan.

In the 1st phase of comp plan updates, we wanted to improve our front-end bonuses – so we introduced the Personal Customer Bonus and the Rising Star Bonus.  Shortly thereafter, we launched the Free With Three program and the Luxury Car Bonus.  Both programs have had a resounding success.  To date, we have shipped over $2.3 million dollars’ worth of free products with the Free With Three program and the Luxury Car Bonus has helped hundreds of Emeralds and above drive a luxury car or receive a $300 cash option. 

For the 2nd phase we introduced the Fast Start Bonus and the Unilevel Team Commissions – creating a dependable foundation for both immediate and long-term income opportunities.  At the beginning of the year, we launched two programs that go above and beyond the 50% Commission Pool:  the Run For Diamond promo and the Million Dollar Bonus.  As evident in the results we have seen in Cycle 1 and 2, both programs have generated a tremendous amount of excitement and growth. 

Now, we have come to the 3rd and final phase.  We’re thrilled to announce the final updates to the comp plan, because they made it possible for us to deliver the Run For Diamond (RFD) promo, the Million Dollar Bonus (MDB) and introduce the NEW Power Level Bonus (PLB).  Not only did we make these changes to create more opportunities for you, but they created a balance in payouts across all the ranks.  Now, whether you’re a newly enrolled Promoter or a top producing Leader, you have the opportunity to succeed in YOR Health. 

As the saying goes, "the numbers don't lie.”  We tested the new comp plan and after reviewing everyone's numbers, we are very excited to announce, almost everyone who is doing their work correctly will benefit from this new plan. One major contributor is the company is paying out more than 50% of the Commission Pool!

All of the 3rd phase updates are outlined below.  This will give you a better understanding of what the changes are and how they affect you.


Retiring the Generation Check Match (GCM)


We are removing the GCM from our comp plan.


We have replaced the GCM with the newly added RFD promo, MDB, and PLB (details below).

Who it affects:

Diamonds and above


NEW Power Level Bonus (PLB)


In replacement of the GCM, we are implementing the Power Level Bonus.  Now, White Diamonds and above can earn an additional 2-4% on all Paid Levels which you are not earning Team Commissions*. 


  • You are eligible to earn an additional 2% on all Paid Levels of your Sponsor Tree Legs on which you are not earning Team Commissions.*


  • Earn an additional 2% (total of 4%) on the first 8 Paid Levels of your 1st Generation WD in which you are not earning Team Commissions or which is not beyond your 23rd Paid Level if you have 2 Generations of White Diamonds.

 * You will earn PLB through your 23rd Paid Level once you have 2 Generations of WD, or up until your 3rd Generation of WD, whichever comes first.

Who it affects:

White Diamonds and above



Cycle Bonus Qualifications


Qualifying for Team Commission (TC), Power Level Bonus (PLB), and Leadership Bonus (LB) will be based on your current Cycle’s Maintained Rank, not your Paid As Rank from the previous Cycle. 

Old method:

Cycle Bonuses were paid based on your Paid As Rank from the end of the previous Cycle. 

Example:  If you achieved the rank of Emerald by the end of Cycle 2, you would be paid as an Emerald for your Team Commission Bonus in Cycle 3. 

New method:

The rank you will be paid as is based on the rank you Maintain by the end of that Cycle. 

Example:  You Maintain Emerald Rank by the last week of Cycle 3, you will be Paid as Emerald for Cycle 3 Team Commissions. 

Bonuses Affected:

Team Commission (TC), Power Level Bonus (PLB), and Leadership Bonus (LB)


Updates to Team Commission Bonus


Changing the TC Payout Chart (Paid Level* distribution) See chart below.

Old method:

TC pays 5% through 6 paid levels, and 2-3% on Levels 7-10. 

New method:

TC pays 5% through 8 paid levels.

Who it affects:

  • Emeralds eligible for 1 additional Paid Level
  • Diamonds eligible for 1 additional Paid Level
  • Blue Diamonds eligible for 2 additional Paid Level
  • White Diamonds eligible for 1 additional Paid Level
*Paid Levels are defined as each Maintained Promoter in your downline organization.  Every Promoter that is Maintained will count as a paid level for TC, regardless of their rank. The GPV generated by any SCs underneath a maintained Promoter will be considered part of that Promoter’s paid level.


Updates to the Leadership Bonus (LB)


Splitting the Leadership Bonus pool into 2 separate pools and new Point System


1% of the Total Company GPV per Cycle is reserved for the Blue Diamonds and above (1% BD+ Pool)
1% of the Total Company GPV per Cycle is reserved for the White Diamonds and above (1% WD+ Pool)

Who it affects:

PAR Blue Diamonds and above can earn points in the 1% Blue Diamond Pool only.
PAR White Diamonds and above can earn points from both 1% Blue Diamond Pool and 1% White Diamond Pool. 
Earn points based on the highest PAR in each of your Personally Sponsored Legs. See Point System chart below. 

LB Point System

2K Promoter

1 Point

Rising Star

2 Points


5 Points


7 Points

Blue Diamond

10 Points

White Diamond

15 Points

Updates to the Commission Pool


Total Commission Pool will no longer be capped at 50% of the Total Group Product Volume (GPV)


With the addition of all the new bonuses, everything is a guaranteed amount based on what you qualify for. None of the bonuses are now dependent on the balance of the Commission Pool to calculate your bonus earnings.

Who it affects: