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New tall shaker cups now available for purchase!


Meet our new, tall shaker cup, your source for a tall, cool drink of YOR Shake, YOR Berry Blast or YOR SuperGreens, on the go! Made with light BPA-free plastic, our new, tall shaker cup mixes a creamy, no-chunk blend and holds almost twice as much deliciousness as shorter models.

With a premium leak-proof lid and a durable chug-friendly cap, the new YOR Best Body Tall Shaker Cup has an easy-clean 8-fin mixer, for smoother shakes and silkier drinks. Its innovative patent protected design has a comfort-grip shape for easy mixing and simple cleaning. The cup’s sleek, pearlescent, glossy shape fits in most car cup holders and looks great in any setting, from gym to office.

As beautiful as it is functional, the YOR Best Body Tall Shaker Cup holds up to 25 oz. (739 ml) of liquid and has easy-to-read liquid measurements on the side, in ounces and milliliters. So, say Goodbye to lumps and Hello to smoother shakes and drinks, with the new Tall YOR Best Body Shaker Cup!

  • Premium Leak Proof Lid
  • Durable Chug-Friendly Cap
  • Innovative US Patent Protected Design  
  • Easy-Clean 8-Fin Mixer for Smooth Shakes
  • Comfort Grip Shape
  • High Pearlescent Gloss
  • Fits Most Auto Cup Holders
  • BPA Free
  • Recyclable
  • Holds 25 oz.
  • Size: 8.5" Tall - 4" Wide
  • Holds up to 25 oz. (739 ml) of fluid
  • Tall in CM 21.59 CM - Wide: 10.16 CM
Get your new Tall Shaker Cup now!

*Currently unavailable in Philippines.