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Over $2 Million Dollars in FREE products shipped!

FREE With 3 surpasses 2 million banner
It always tastes better when it’s FREE!
We have just passed a very exciting milestone; $2 Million Dollars in FREE products shipped!

Since the launch of the 8-Week Challenge, we have rewarded those who helped people transform their bodies. And, with our FREE WITH 3 program, many people have been able to do so FOR FREE!

This could not have happened without our loyal customers and promoters. Together we have accomplished a great goal, and together we will do a great deal more.

Congratulations to everyone who is receiving their products for FREE every month! If you are not yet receiving your products for FREE, be sure to find out how. This opportunity is too good to pass up!

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Any EXISTING YOR Health Select Customer (SC) or Independent Representative (IR) can OBTAIN THEIR NEXT ORDER for free by RECOMMENDING three SCs who purchase YOR Health products. As long as the three SCs YOU RECOMMENDED purchase products within a 28-day period, you (the SC or IR) can receive your NEXT order for FREE. The maximum amount of product an SC/IR can receive for free is equal to the lowest of the three orders SO RECEIVED (based on Product Volume) for that period. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED AS AN SC OR IR TO PURCHASE ANY PRODUCTS TO RECEIVE FREE WITH 3. For more details, go to