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12 Days of Sharing Happiness!

12 Days of Sharing Happiness
Share Happiness Collage
Share Happiness This Christmas!
Since sharing happiness is our greatest goal here at YOR Health, we challenge you to send in a picture of how you shared happiness, from today through Christmas Eve! It can be a photo of sharing happiness with family or community. It can be a photo of sharing happiness with friends or strangers.

And, how you share happiness, the creative ways in which you spread happiness, can be as cool as throwing snowballs or as sweet as a kiss!

We encourage everyone to participate in all 12 days of our Sharing Happiness Challenge, or even just one day! It’s a wonderful way to share happiness and preserve precious memories.

Photos can be sent via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Just use the hashtag:


And, from all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas!