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A Heartfelt Thanks from the YOR Health Corporate Team

2013 Thanksgiving
Thank you from the YOR Health Corporate Team
We believe that everyone has the ability to build a business, to share an opportunity, and to earn the time and freedom to live a fulfilling life!

The perks of entrepreneurship are priceless, like organizing your own time and being your own boss, without the worry of encountering a financial glass ceiling. YOR Health offers an opportunity that no one can put a dollar figure on.

Your loyalty, dedication, generous service and enthusiasm does not go unnoticed. The high caliber of your work has built a culture of excellence that demands only the best. Our culture is also built on integrity and customer service! We are also thankful for your commitment to great health, not just good health; for your shared vision of abundance for all, and your devotion to applying the three pillars of happiness to life.

We’ve had many successes, yet we’ve only just begun. We see many more opportunities to help others in the years ahead. We hope that you will continue sharing our simple, practical program with others, for there are heartwarming successes ahead and many more chances to help people fill their buckets with physical, mental, emotional and financial healing!

Happy Thanksgiving!


The YOR Health Corporate Team