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How to be a Specialist in 4 Steps!

8-Week Challenge Shirt Banner
First, you Achieve.

Next, you Overachieve.

Then, you take your body and mind to a whole new level as a “Health Nut”.
8-Week Challenge Shirts
And finally, as you finish your 4th cycle we have the honor of dubbing you as a YOR Best Body Challenge “Specialist”!

8-Week Challenge Shirts
As you committed to your health goals we made sure we too were committed to helping you show off your results and share happiness in style! =)

The official “Health Nut” and “Specialist” T-shirts are now available to Challengers who have successfully completed 3 and 4 Cycles of the YOR Best Body Challenge! Shirts are available for purchase in the online store!
Now you can continue showing off your next level of achievements at your next challenge party, mega party and Annual Conference! Don’t stop there, keep striving, keep achieving and add more to YOR Best Body wardrobe. =)

Activate my next Challenge!

Keep up the great work and continue to share happiness. =)