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YOR Health


DSA recognizes YOR Health as a leader in business ethics!

DSA Recognizes YOR Health
Here at YOR Health our mission is to share happiness through health, wealth and self-awareness and our vision is to see a world of happy people who serve others. We recognize that in order to achieve our mission and vision, our leadership (both internal and in the field) must uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and earnestness with themselves and toward others. And our field sales force must aspire to develop themselves in alignment with those standards as well.

Due to our standards and core values we set with our mission and vision, we are a respected member that upholds the code of ethics and the DSA has recognized us as a leader in ethical business practice.

With over 200 members in line for this honor the DSA has acknowledged YOR Health as an ethics pioneer in the field of direct sales.

This is a great honor for us and just simply reaffirms that the honest work we have been putting in has been very worthwhile thus far.