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YOR Best Body Championship

YOR Best Body Championship Banner
We love the incredible amount of results everyone has been getting since we launched our YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge back in January!

There just aren’t enough ways to congratulate you all, especially the winners of the 8-Week Challenge cycles. Keep up the great work!

To spice up the competition a little more we have the YOR Best Body Championship coming up. Our new Champions will be announced at the YOR Health Annual Conference 2013 in Orange County, California.

Here are a few things about the YOR Best Body Championship to keep in mind:
  1. Sign into your YOR Best Body profile and click the “Become a Champion” banner to submit your annual body transformation testimonial between the dates of 7/10/2013 - 8/1/2013.
  2. This is a separate entry from the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge.
  3. You are able to select any previous photos from your YOR Best Body Challenge profile dating all the way back to 9/01/12!
View complete YOR Best Body Championship Rules on the YOR Best Body Challenge website.