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YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge T-Shirts

8-Week Challenge Shirt Banner
Congratulations to everybody that has already completed their first cycle of the 8-Week Challenge.

Upon completion of your first 8-Week Challenge Cycle, you will be able to purchase the official YOR Best Body “ACHIEVER” T-shirt and share your accomplishments with everybody around you!
8-Week Challenge Shirts
The “ACHIEVER” shirts will soon be available for purchase in the YOR Health online Store, but as we’ve stated before, you must complete your first 8-Week Challenge cycle first.

We estimate the ACHIEVER shirts to be available for purchase:
  • Mid March for English shirts
  • End of March for Spanish shirts (possibly sooner)
Remember, you can take your transformation even further by re-enrolling and participating in your Challenge Cycle #2! Complete a second Challenge Cycle to unlock the “OVER ACHIEVER” T-Shirt.