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RSB Qualifications Extended

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We’re so excited about the newly announced YOR Health Luxury Car Bonus and want to make sure everyone has the same opportunity to qualify for this bonus. Since being a Rising Star is a must in order to qualify for the YOR Health Luxury Car Bonus, we are giving all existing IRs another chance to become a Rising Star if they haven’t already done so.

Extension Eligibility:
  • Anyone who became an IR on or before December 31, 2012 will have until 2013 - Week 5 [ending 11:59 pm (Pacific) on 2/1/13] to become a Rising Star.
  • Only new volume generated between 2013 - Week 1 to Week 5 (12/29/12 – 2/1/13) will be considered towards Requirement 2 of becoming a Rising Star:
    Accumulate 2,000 in Group Product Volume in your Personally Sponsored Tree.
  • Must purchase a Product Set of 400 PV or above.
    • Applies only if you have not already purchased one in the past.
    • If you have already purchased a Product Set of 400 PV or above, you are not required to buy another set between 2013 - Week 1 to Week 5.
  • During this extension period, you will only be eligible to become a Rising Star for the Rising Star Bonus (RSB) and the Luxury Car Bonus.
    • You will not get the initial 5 Shares for becoming a Rising Star (unless you become a Rising Star within your initial 28 days from when you became an IR).
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