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YOR Health

Two New Ways to Earn

Starting November 5th, 2012 IRs will have more ways to participate in the YOR Health Compensation Plan than ever before. We are introducing TWO incredible new bonuses: the Personal Customer Bonus (PCB) and the Rising Star Bonus (RSB)! BUT before we discuss the new bonuses, we also have some additional exciting UPDATES to share.
1.) New prospects will have 2 Enrollment options: Select Customer (SC) or Independent Representative (IR)
2.) $50 Lifetime Membership fee waived for Customers.
3.) Simplified Pricing – We have moved to a 2-price model:
"Retail" (Previously Wholesale price)
"Wholesale" (Previously Promo Autoship Price)
4.) All IR enrollment orders will be at the new Wholesale price. (no minimum requirements)
5.) All SC enrollment orders will be at the new Wholesale price if on Autoship.
6.) IR Maintenance Requirement Update:
As an IR, you must maintain an active status to earn commissions and achieve leadership ranks by accumulating a minimum of 100 Customer Product Volume (CPV) every 28 days. Any Personal Product Volume (PPV) that is purchased and resold to a retail customer may also count towards monthly maintenance.

Note:You can maximize your earnings potential by maintaining with 200 CPV/PPV instead of 100 CPV/PPV every 28 days.
7.) First Order Bonus (FOB) will now be for IR's first orders only and will carry 60% PV to Team Commissions as Team Commissions Volume (TCV).

Note: Eventually FOB will carry 60% Product Volume to Team Commissions as TCV, but while transitioning to these new Compensation Plan updates the import percentage to TC will be higher than 60%.
we have added to the Compensation Plan!

This bonus has been created to reward IRs who personally sponsors customers, their customers’ customers, and so on. All IRs can receive a PCB from their customer’s monthly product orders based on the chart below. The PCB may also include the Personal Product Volume (PPV) from non-first orders in which an IR purchases under his/her own account. (i.e. An IR’s first order with PPV does not apply towards PCB).

Here is how it works:

We will accumulate your Customer Product Volume (CPV) and your non-first order Personal Product Volume (PPV) for up to 4 weeks, and each week your accumulative volume will qualify you for a PCB percentage (see table below). The more volume you accumulate the more percentage you can earn. After 4 weeks your accumulated volume will reset to zero and you can then start to accumulate again with a new 4-week cycle.

Accumulated CPV & PPV PCB Allocated to TC
0-200 0%* 100%
201-400 10% 80%
401-800 15% 70%
801-2000 20% 60%
2000+ 25% 50%
* First 200 PV at the beginning of every 4-week cycle does not pay PCB.

One of the best parts about this bonus is that it IS NOT for first orders only! Every time your customers reorder their products you will be able to count them towards your PCB accumulation and earn on the PCB bonus!

Here are a few examples:

Example 1:

Week 1 200 200 0%* 0*
Week 2 300 500 15% $45
Week 3 500 1000 20% $100
Week 4 1200 2200 25% $300
Total $445
* First 200 PV at the beginning of every 4-week cycle does not pay PCB.
- Week 1 payout is $0 (200 – 200 = 0 x 0% = 0)
- Week 2 payout is $45 (300 x 15% = 45)
- Week 3 payout is $100 (500 x 20% = 100)
- Week 4 payout is $300 (1200 x 25% = 300)
- Total PCB Payout = $445

Example 2:

Week 1 1200 1200 20% $200*
Week 2 300 1500 20% $60
Week 3 800 2300 25% $200
Week 4 300 2600 25% $75
Total $535
* First 200 PV at the beginning of every 4-week cycle does not pay PCB.
- Week 1 payout is $200 (1200 – 200 = 1000 x 20% = 200)
- Week 2 payout is $60 (300 x 20% = 60)
- Week 3 payout is $200 (800 x 25% = 200)
- Week 4 payout is $75 (300 x 25% = 75)
- Total PCB Payout = $535

Example 3:

Week 1 0 0 0%* $0
Week 2 0 0 0% $0
Week 3 500 500 15% $45*
Week 4 1800 2300 25% $450
Total $495
* First 200 PV at the beginning of every 4-week cycle does not pay PCB.
- Week 1 payout is $0
- Week 2 payout is $0
- Week 3 payout is $45 (500 – 200 = 300 x 15% = 45)
- Week 4 payout is $450 (1800 x 25% = 450)
- Total PCB Payout = $495

For this bonus we are setting aside a small percentage of the TOTAL Commission Pool!! This bonus rewards Independent Representatives (IRs) for introducing our products to new Select Customers (SCs) and new IRs each week. The more Product Volume (PV) generated from your new SCs and IRs each week the more Shares you can earn in this bonus pool. The total value of each Share earned will vary from week to week depending on total commission pool.

Ways to earn Shares Shares
Become a Rising Star 5
3 New SCs* 5
3 New IRs* 5
Each Additional 500 PV beyond the first 500 PV for each category (SC or IR) 5
* Totaling a minimum of 500 PV with at least 25 PV from each new SC or IR. SC's and IR's PV can not be combined.

There are two requirements to become a Rising Star in order to participate in the Rising Star Bonus (RSB), but after you meet both requirements you are eligible to participate in the RSB for LIFE!

Requirement 1:Purchase a Business Set (minimum 500 PV) in a single transaction as an IR.
Requirement 2 (Week 45-48): Achieve Bronze rank in the first 28 days of becoming an IR.
Requirement 2 (Updated, effective Week 49): Accumulate 2,000 in Group Product Volume (GPV) in your Personally Sponsored Tree within the first 28 days of becoming an IR.

Note: Personal Sponsored Tree is defined as the genealogy tree of all your Personally Sponsored SCs & IRs, their Personally Sponsored SCs & IRs and so on. As with all YOR Health Compensations, you must be a maintained IR to be eligible to earn commission and bonuses.

**Special Note: All existing Bronze and above IRs will be flagged to participate in the RSB. Existing IRs below Bronze must meet Requirement 2 by Monday December 3rd, 2012. (28 Days from the launch of the Rising Star Bonus)

  1. All IRs who enrolled after October 9, 2012 and fulfills Requirement 1 & 2 above within 28 days of becoming an IR will receive 5 shares for becoming a Rising Star.
  2. All IRs who enrolled between October 9, 2012 and November 5, 2012 who only fulfills Requirement 2 above (no 500 PV+ set) within 28 days of becoming an IR will be eligible for RSB but will not receive 5 shares for the pool.
  3. All IRs who enrolled before October 9, 2012 and fulfills Requirement 2 above by December 3, 2012 will be eligible for RSB but will not receive 5 shares for the pool.


1.) 3 new Customers with a total of 550 PV (200, 250, 100) = 5 Shares
2.) 3 new IRs with a total of 1600 PV (600, 600, 400) = 15 Shares.
5 Shares for 3 new IRs over the minimum of 500 PV
10 Shares (5 x 2) for the remaining 1100PV over the initial 500 PV
3.) Personally Sponsor 2 new IRs and 1 new SC with a total of 1000 PV (300, 300, 400) = 0 Shares.
You must first personally sponsor 3 SCs or 3 IRs (cannot be a combination of 3 SCs and IRs) in order to receive the extra shares for each additional 500 PV over the initial 500 PV

Please Note: During the first several weeks we will be closely monitoring the commission system. Even though we anticipate that the new additions to the Compensation Plan will be very lucrative and beneficial to the Compensation Plan as a whole, we do reserve the right to alter percentages to maintain the overall integrity of the system moving forward.

Personal Customer Bonus (PCB) FAQ
Q. When does the 4-week cycle for PCB start?
The week you enroll is considered your “enrollment” week and counts towards your PCB accumulation. The PCB 4-week cycle includes the Enrollment Week plus 4 weeks, and the cycle will repeat every 4 weeks thereafter.

Example: If an IR enrolls on a Thursday 11/8/12, then Thursday 11/8/12 – Friday 11/9/12 will be considered the Enrollment Week. Week 1 will be the following week, Saturday 11/10/12 – Friday 11/16/12. So for the first PCB accumulation cycle, this IR will accumulate CPV for 4 weeks and 2 days (the 2 additional days are the Thursday and Friday of their enrollment week).

For Existing IRs
11/3/12 – 11/9/12 is considered the "Enrollment Week" and 11/10/12 – 11/16/12 will be Week 1.

Q. Is Personal Customer Bonus (PCB) uncapped?
Yes, PCB is uncapped.

Q. Is there a difference between the “PCB 4-Week Cycle” and the “28-Day Active Cycle”?
Yes, the “PCB Cycle” is not related to the “Active Cycle”. The PCB 4-Week Cycle is always fixed at every 4 weeks, and predetermined based on your “Enrollment Week”. The “Active Cycle” is a rolling cycle; it always looks back 28 days, and can vary depending on the accumulated PPV or CPV within the last 28 days.

Rising Star Bonus (RSB) FAQ
Q. Can an Independent Representative accumulate 500 PV over 4 weeks to qualify for the Rising Star Bonus, or can they only qualify for the Rising Star Bonus if it's their first order?
Requirement 1 of the Rising Star Bonus requires that an Independent Representative (IR) purchase a Business Set (500 PV and above). Currently we don’t require it to be their first order, but a Business Set must be purchased within the first 28 days of becoming an IR (IR Entry Date).

Q. Is there a correlation between the Rising Star Bonus and the Rising Star for YOR IN or any other contests?
No, the Rising Star Bonus has completely different qualifications than the Rising Star for contests. The Rising Star for contests only takes into consideration the first order PV of new personally sponsored SCs and/or IRs. For the Rising Star Bonus, you must become a Bronze and purchase a 500 PV or more business set within 28 days of enrolling/becoming an IR.

Q. Can you earn the "Become a Rising Star" 5 shares more than once by achieving a Bronze Paid As Rank each week?
You can only earn the 5 Shares from “Become a Rising Star” once upon meeting the Rising Star requirement

Q. If someone enrolls as a Select Customer with a 500 PV or more set, and then chooses to become an IR, does the Select Customer need to buy another 500 PV set in order to fulfill Requirement 1 of the Rising Star Bonus?
No, since the Select Customer already purchased a 500 PV or more set, he/she is not required to purchase another 500 PV or more set after becoming an IR. He/She will only need to fulfill Requirement 2 of the Rising Star Bonus, which is to achieve the rank of Bronze within 28 days of the IR Entry Date.

Q. Does 6 new Customers = 10 Shares”?
Getting Customers alone does not earn you Rising Star Bonus shares. 3 SCs or more totaling over 500 PV will earn you the first 5 Shares. Additional shares can only be earned on top of those first 5 Shares by producing additional PV. So if you have 10 Customers totaling 500PV, you will still only receive 5 Shares. If you have 3 Customers totaling 4000 PV you would receive 40 Shares.

5 Shares 3 Personally Sponsored SCs
35 Shares 4,000 PV – 500 Initial PV = 3,500 PV / 500 PV = 7 x 5 Shares
Total Shares