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YOR Health Sets New Sales Record

March 2012 Growth
Another record-breaking month…can you believe it? We've already beat January 2012's sales record by 32% making March 2012 our new BEST MONTH EVER!!!

I hope you're not tired of hearing that we're continuing to break our own sales records because we don't plan on stopping here. Our ongoing growth is not something we happened to do by chance; this is reassurance that we are doing everything right. So congratulations to all of you for your hard work and dedication.

Thanks to the vision of YOR Health, the energy generated at YOR IN, our exceptional leaders and your ability to unite and work as one, we ended the first quarter of 2012 stronger than ever. The pace is now set for our continued growth throughout the year and we expect this record to continue to be broken month after month.

We look forward to all our new Blue Diamonds making it to Go Blue/Go to China! Remember to keep running to earn your feature in YOR Success 4 and to qualify for the Annual Getaway 2012…the best is yet to come, and we plan on having you with us every step of the way!