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Happy New Year 2012!

New Year 2012 Banner
Welcome to 2012!
What a great pleasure for me to be able to greet you all as we finish up 2011 and ring in the New Year.

For a lot of people around our planet, 2011 was pretty tough. A few years ago, even the most pessimistic of economists wouldn't have predicted how stubbornly bad our economy has been for so long now. And yet for YOR Health, 2011 was a great, great year.

In 2007, we saw that the world needed digestive health, and that it could be a great new industry. But when we launched our company in 2008, we ourselves didn't realize the broad-based support there would be for our vision.

Our sales from the last 3 years speak for themselves. While the rest of the economy is in a shambles, our revenues have increased several hundred percent. We have been listed in Inc. magazine for 2009 and 2010 as among the fastest-growing companies based in the USA. Amazingly, we had an even better year in 2011, so it's reasonable to predict that we'll be listed again for a 3rd year in a row.

In retrospect, from 2008-2010 we proved to ourselves that 1) the nutrition industry is here to stay; 2) we have a better model of nutrition and how our bodies work than other companies have; and 3) people around the world love our product. So in 2011, it was time to solidify ourselves and raise our standard to a new level – and we did just that with the launch of our patent-protected YOR Nutrition Delivery System®.

Normally, holiday seasons are the slowest weeks of the year for us – and yet this year we continued to set new sales records. We have tremendous momentum as we head into Q1 of 2012. We have a product and marketing platform that is rock solid. We are poised for another year of exciting growth in 2012.

What is our secret? We have great products and an innovative business vision. We have a simple plan, and people love to work it. The challenge is to find an industry where you can set the standard. Finding such a business is like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack... but the reward, if you can manage it, is great success. At YOR Health, we've already proven that.

Keep a close eye on us, because there's more to come. If you think 2011 was cool, wait until you see our plans for 2012…

~Dennis Wong