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DSA Welcomes YOR Health

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YOR Health Is Now A Prestigious Member of the DSA Legacy
The DSA is one of the most distinguished and respected associations dedicated to preserving the highest code of ethics within the field of Direct Selling. For 100 years they have stayed true to their mission, "To protect, serve and promote the effectiveness of member companies and the independent business people they represent." The DSA safeguards only the highest standards of business practices and all companies seeking to become a member of their association must undergo a rigorous screening process.

This being said, the DSA accepts only the crème de la crème of Direct Selling companies. The company's level of performance and inner structure are put under a microscope in order to be eligible for consideration. Any company accepted into the prestigious association pledges to uphold the esteemed code of Ethics, Trust and Confidence that have been a part of the DSA tradition for a century.

We are honored to announce our commemoration as a proud member of the DSA. It is a monumental step for us, as the DSA exemplifies the proven and trusted philosophy we follow here at YOR Health. We have been recognized as more than a company that sells health products—we are a movement committed to a new era of nutrition, healthier living and vitality, the key to a fulfilling life.

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