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YOR Health 3rd Birthday
The best gift is one of self-accomplishment. There are two types of achievements: personal and interpersonal. Yet, there is an old saying, "we cannot effectively help others unless we first help ourselves."

In 2007 when we were designing the business plan for YOR Health, our goal was to create a platform that would allow the average person to achieve both personal and interpersonal success, if they were willing.

May 5th, 2008 was the first day YOR Health opened for business. Immediately, sales were astronomical and products were flying off the shelves. In a matter of just a few months, everyone from the US, Latin America and beyond came together at our first Annual Conference in Aug 2008 in Las Vegas. This was the first time we had seen each other since we had been using the YOR Health products. It was nothing short of a miracle; everyone looked fabulous and had an aura of genuine excitement. Many had lost so much weight they were unrecognizable; they looked younger and vibrant. Most importantly, you could see the confidence in everyone's eyes, a feat that is truly priceless.

The overwhelming sense of happiness and positivity, their ability to lose unwanted weight, have more energy and feel younger is a monumental personal accomplishment. For the ones who were fortunate enough to have witnessed their friends and families go through the YOR Health transformation have said that the overwhelming sense of happiness and positivity was by far more rewarding than anything they've ever been a part of. As the months passed, testimonials came pouring in, further reinforcing and solidifying what has happened.

Now we are celebrating three years in the nutritional supplement arena. As a business we have been a tremendous success. We are proud to have helped many people to find a better way of healthy living through our smart nutritional supplements that are proven to work. With tens of millions of dollars in annual product sales, we have helped many to find some level of financial stability and comfort in one of the worst global financial crises. What we should be most proud of are the YOR Health leaders. They are intelligent noble people who truly understand the value of interpersonal success. They make sure our customers are happy and that the new Independent Representatives are welcomed to the YOR Health family.

We have been truly blessed for the last 3 years; all of our wishes have come true. We predict that history will repeat itself at the 2011 Annual Conference, this time it will be monumental. So make sure you are there to witness the defining moment of what will be our fabulous future together.