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Extraordinary Times

April Record Sales
YOR Health Celebrates 4th Consecutive Record Breaking Month
After every storm there is a rainbow. With the shadow of the financial crisis slowly fading, clear skies are on the horizon. The U.S. economy is bouncing back, the unemployment rate is dropping, consumer spending is rising, romance is in the air from the royal wedding and YOR Health is celebrating it's 4th consecutive record breaking month. In March, we did 126% of February's sales and we outdid ourselves again in April. In fact, during the final week of the month we saw the highest single day of sales in the company's history!

At YOR Health we have proven our integrity by not only surviving during the financial crisis but skyrocketing as a company. This success can only be accountable to the fact that it is our trusted, proven products and dedicated Independent Representatives and Corporate Team that has made us shine during these hard times. When the economy was struggling YOR HEALTH pushed forward to create progress, to inspire change and to shine when most others were in despair. It is our loyalty and passion to promote healthy, happy living that has made YOR Health an extraordinary company and a beacon of hope during a time of economic stress.

Keep up the great work, make sure you and your team will be at the 2011 Annual Conference and we will prove to you why YOR Health is the single best opportunity in the world today!