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iPad® Giveaway Contest

Win an iPad Banner
Win An iPad® every 2 weeks.
We will be giving away an iPad® every 2 weeks starting March 2, 2011.

To enter into the contest, you simply MUST REGISTER in YOR Admin by clicking the "Register for iPad Giveaway" button and maintaining a Paid As Rank of Bronze or above.

If you've already registered for the first iPad Giveaway, make sure to click the "View Entries" button on the right side of YOR Admin.

The higher the rank that you maintain during each Commissions Pay Period, the more entries you will earn for the contest.

The number of entries you have accumulated will reset every 2 weeks

Contest Runs February 12, 2011 – August 2011
First Giveaway will be March 2, 2011

Winners will be announced every other week.

Paid As Rank #of Entries
Bronze 1
Silver 2
Gold 2
Sapphire 3
Ruby 3
Emerald 3
Diamond 4
Double Diamond 4
Triple Diamond 4
Blue Diamond 4
Royal Blue Diamond 4
White Diamond 4

Each winner will be awarded up to a $500.00 reimbursement with a receipt for the purchase of an Apple iPad or any other tablet of his/her choice.

You may win more than once.

iPad Giveaway Contest Rules are subject to change at any time. YOR Health reserves the right to end the contest at anytime with out prior notice.

iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.