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Special Appearances for the YOR Health 2010 Annual Conference

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2010 Conference Speakers
2010 Conference Speakers
If you haven't already purchased your tickets for the 2010 YOR Health Annual Conference, now is the time to do so.  With a star studded line up scheduled to be at the event, you will certainly not want to miss out!

Confirmed special guests are as follows:

Special guest appearance & Presenter for the YOR Choice Video Awards
Sergio Mayer
Global Board Member
Mexican singer, actor, and producer

Co-Hosting and announcing the winner for the 2010 Best Body Challenge
Terry Hairston
Athletic Advisor
Mr. America 1995

Kim Hairston
Athletic Advisor
IFBB Professional Body Builder

Featured Guest Speakers
Dr. Charles W. King
Harvard Graduate & Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago
An expert and advocate of the Direct Selling industry, Dr. King will share his experience and tell us why he believes YOR Health is positioned to be one of the future leaders of this industry.

Stephen J. McColgan
Chief Scientific Advisor
A leader in the field of bariatric surgery, Dr. McColgan will discuss why even as a successful surgeon for Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery, he is looking at YOR Health for nutrition.

Tim Brown
Chief Athletic Advisor
Heisman Trophy winner and College Hall of Fame inductee, Tim Brown will share his story on how enzymes gave him the results to extend his football career.

Jacqueline Jacques
Scientific Advisor
An expert at developing :& formulation of products for bariatric patients, Dr. Jacques will be discussing growing health concerns in the world.

John R. Bookwalter
Scientific Advisor
Creator of the Bookwalter Retractor, Dr. Bookwalter will explain why YOR Health products are necessary in our daily diet.

Patrick Okolo
Scientific Advisor
A Gastrointestinal specialist, Dr. Okolo will be focusing on the importance of enzymes and how they play a key role in the intestinal absorption process.

Freestyle Action from
Sid Taberlay
Athletic Advisor
5x Australian National Mountain Bike Champion, World Champion Medalist, 2010 Winner of the US Cup National Series for Mountain Biking & Athens Olympian