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Message from Sergio Mayer

We’d like to share with you a special message from YOR Health Global Board Member, Sergio Mayer. He was one of many in attendance at one of Mexico’s biggest events ever! Also in attendance was Tim Brown (YOR Health Chief Athletic Advisor), Michael Mo (YOR Health Top Independent Representative), Dennis Wong (YOR Health Founding Chairman), some of our top producers from the US and Mexico, and many members of the Mexico Team. Read Sergio's message below:
Sergio Mayer Photos
This last weekend I had the opportunity to live an experience that exceeded my expectations and it confirmed that joining the YOR Health family was the best decision.

I want to thank…

Dennis Wong, a gentleman that made great impact in me because of his sincerity, integrity, and humanity.

Michael Mo, a real example of wisdom and hard work.

Suzy, Chris, Hector, Patty, the USA Diamonds that came sharing with us all your experience.

Azya and Cus, Paco, Maika, Pablo, Gonzalo, Jorge, Alex and Laura, thank you for leading by example and showing that when there is tenacity, dedication and commitment, we can make our dreams come true and become exceptional individuals.

My personal commitment with YOR Health is to help our team to reach goals, go far and high, and share with our friends and family the balance of wealth and prosperity. I am sure that during our Spring Retreat we will become an even larger team that will learn and develop our skills in order to qualify for the Top 30 for Maui!!! And we will do it hand in hand.

Thanks again Dennis, Michael, and the great YOR Health Family you have, for the warm welcome to the Board and to the Team!

Sergio Mayer